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    Calvin Klein is one of the biggest and most well-known fashion brands in the world. The brand specializes in high end lifestyle products perfumes, Jeans, underwear, shoes, bags , cosmetics are just to name a few. Calvin Klein stands for prestige and luxury and its products exude elegance and modern sophistication.

    Clean & Sleek design philosophy

    Calvin Klein was founded by the American Fashion designer by the same name. Many believe the brand to be the most well-known designer fashion brands in the world with a very acute sense for elegant and high-end design. What started with the designing of women coats way back in the 1960s has become today a mammoth fashion giant that can't be ignored. Throughout its history the brand has managed to stay profitable thanks to its innovative streak. In whatever the brand does, it keeps itself very consistent with its design philosophy whether it is its adverts for those must-have Calvin Klein underwear or whether it's designing the an elegant for its latest perfume.

    The brands aesthetic philosophy is simply keep it clean, simple, consistent and strong with equally strong (yet indirect) sexual connotations. It is this very approach that has won the attention and the appreciation of fashion brand lovers worldwide.

    CK Jeans Revolution

    Calvin Klein can be handed over the credit for revolutionizing the jeans industry back in the 80s with its cool, comfortable jeans combined with its provocative advertising. Today Calvin Klein clothing line (especially its jeans) cater to both men and women. Calvin Klein's designer underwear is also a first in the world of fashion.

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